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A unique opportunity to acquire an important DOMAIN SUITE, not just a single domain! The domain name itself is important, and it did not exist before my domain registrations in 1999: IPUBLICA.

This name that is my own creation, conveys the public, public spirit, publishing, and concern for ‘res publica’ to express it in the terms of the old Romans, in the sense of political awareness!

Behold that I was in possession of these three domains continuously, since the registration and that they thus are state of continuity that is important for every web domain if it is to be valued highly.

The forth domain in this suite is ‘‘ which I however abandoned years ago, unfortunately, because I was not aware of the value of the entire domain suite.

From the foregoing does however not follow that only the entire domain suite can be purchased. I would consider that to be impractical. You can thus purchase every single domain.

Here are links to the two other domains for sale:

299 USD
3400 USD

—Peter Fritz Walter, January 3, 2021

Price: 199$

—Registration Date: December 23, 1999

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—Name Servers: Hostinger UK

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